Mumps disease


Mumps is a viral infection affecting mostly parotid salivary glands. It is possible involvement of other glands – pancreas, testes, ovaries. The cause of the disease can cause meningitis and serous, often without evidence of harm to the brain parenchyma. In epidemiological importance are asymptomatic forms of flow, as well as non-specific respiratory tract infection….

Basic skincare tips after chemical peeling

skincare tips

Whether you aim to exfoliate the dark spots, look for instant shine to the skin or a complete makeover complexion, chemical peels can achieve this. This cosmetic procedure stimulates skin regeneration by removing the damaged skin layer and reveals fresh and bright skin.   In its essence, the chemical peeling involves applying a solution on…

Asthma threatens children who do not eat fresh food

asthma kids

Fruits and vegetables are a very important part of our diet, especially for children – a factor which is constantly invoked the side of scientists. However, the menu of many children does not include fresh foods. According to a new study that may significantly increase the risk of developing asthma. Many of the foods sold…

Mesotherapy is quickest method for long-lasting radiant skin


Methods and beauty tips for rejuvenate the skin and combat wrinkles are many and varied, but their weight and accessibility to all procedures also vary widely. Fortunately, there are those ladies, and not only can afford no qualms about excessive spending and without fear of unsuccessful results. One of these procedures appropriate support person is…

How to diagnose infection with hepatitis virus

hepatitis virus

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that can be caused by various types of viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungal pathogens. Hepatitis viruses have expressed affinity for liver cells, resulting in infection to diffuse inflammation and necrosis. The clinical spectrum of infection ranges from asymptomatic or mild flow to prolonged jaundice or fulminant hepatitis, often…

Scarlet fever symtpoms

Scarlet fever symtpoms

Scarlet fever is an infectious disease that is caused by beta-hemolytic streptococcus group A. The bacteria produce a toxin which is due to the development of rash units. Not all streptococci produce this toxin, however, and not all children are sensitive to it. The primary bacterial infection most commonly affects the throat and tonsils. In…

Physiotherapy in gouty arthritis

gouty arthritis

Gout is a metabolic disease that has an increased incidence in developed countries, unlike the rabbis CE. Called the “disease of kings,” gout is associated with an increased amount of uric acid in the blood. This may be due both to the disturbed its separation from the body, and the increased food intake, which increases…

Common liver infections

Common liver infections

The liver acts as a kind of laboratory for the body, which, in addition to carry out treatment processes of various substances takes place and synthesis of biological molecules. Various factors can have a detrimental influence on him and disrupt his functions belong. The inflammatory processes are the most common medical conditions of the liver,…

Autumn hair loss heath tips


After UV rays, saltwater and chlorine-rich water in the pools, our hair begins to recover. Autumn hair loss usually lasts between four and six weeks and need to know that it is completely normal process. However, we should take some precautions to make sure that you limit it to normal seasonal hair loss and will…

Dangers of Pertussis


Pertussis (whooping cough or pertussis) is a respiratory tract infection, which is caused by bacteria – Bordetella pertussis. The infection primarily affects children under 6 months of age who, for one reason or another have not been immunized, and children between 11 and 18 years of age, whose acquired immunity after vaccination began to thin….