Zika attack brain cells in adults

Zika virus attack

The more researchers learn about the virus Zika, the more anxiety on the prevalence and consequences increases. The latest disturbing news comes from the Italian team doctors have reported an unusual case in a 32-year-old woman infected with the virus during their stay in the Dominican Republic earlier this spring. After returning to Italy in…

Why saturated fats are harmful?

woman fats

If you need to respond briefly to the question, the answer would be because saturated fats rising level of harmful LDL cholesterol and can block the arteries of the heart. The presence of too many “bad” cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of serious coronary heart disease – the most common cause of death…

Why Ebola virus is dangerous?

ebola virus

Ebola virus is an acute, serious infectious disease, which is characterized by high mortality in the absence of treatment. The virus is representative of the family Filoviridae. Ebola first appeared in 1976. In March 2014 registered the first cases of illness from Ebola in West Africa, which gives rise to an epidemic that year. It…

Huntington’s chorea disease

Huntington's chorea

Huntington’s chorea is a genetic disease with progressive course of development leading to disorder in the execution of voluntary movements, and the emergence of uncontrolled impervious to the will of others. Disorder in intellectual functions associated with delay and a general difficulty in mental activity, memory, attention and concentration also occur in all described cases…

Chocolate works like aspirin

chocolate aspirin

Daily use of chocolate reduces the likelihood of heart attack, and this effect is almost the same as the intake of aspirin. They studied more than 1,200 people (who were hereditary diseases of the heart) in order to establish the exact impact of aspirin on platelets. Before the start of the study participants follow certain…

Treatment of arrhythmia


Heart rhythm disorders, or so-called arrhythmias are different species. Depending on whether the pulse is fast or slow are called tachycardia and bradycardia, and if the rhythm of the heart is disturbed – respectively tachyarrhythmia and bradyarrhythmia. They are generally divided into arrhythmia originating from supraventricular and from the chamber, as well as the so-called….