Glaucoma disease symptoms

Glaucoma disease

Glaucoma is one of the worst diseases in ophthalmology, as it develops quietly and asymptomatic early and unfortunately still no cure. To this day there are people who believe that glaucoma is a disease in which vision is lost just because of the high intraocular pressure. In real-term glaucoma unite different eye diseases that damage…

Common teeth problems health tips

teeth problems

Dental health may deteriorate due to different conditions and causes. What are the most common and how to react when confronted with them.   Pain in the tooth When you need to wait until the hour for the dentist, there are several ways to help relieve pain in the tooth. For example may wash your…

Important genetic research in oncology

genetic research oncology

Genetic alterations underlying the malignant transformation of cells. Besides, factors acting on the cells (food, chemicals, radiation, inherited mutations) the end point of all of them is the molecule of DNA that is damaged. For years, scientists are looking for key genes, mutations in which are crucial to the transformation of normal cells into cancer….

Colpitis disease types and symptoms


Colpitis are white vaginal discharge, being among the most common gynecological diseases. Every second patient seeking gynecological care, with colitis. Colpitis occur from childhood to old age. However, due to the fact that the most common causes are sexually transmissible, the disease prevalent in younger, sexually active women. Most colpitis appear due to infectious agents….

Amyloidosis disease

Amyloidosis disease

Amyloidosis is a rare disease, but there is usually fatal. It is due to the deposition of an abnormal protein called amyloid in tissues and organs of the body, which is most commonly produced by the bone marrow cells. Gradually protein leads to damage organ function, which accumulates. There are different types of amyloid, which…

Optic neuritis inflammation

Optic neuritis inflammation

Optic neuritis is an inflammation of the myelin sheath of the optic nerve, responsible for carrying the visual information from the retina to the structures in the brain, and thus has a role in “awareness” and perception of the corresponding visual image. Very often the disease appears first manifestation of chronic demyelinating process, so its…