Autumn hair loss heath tips


After UV rays, saltwater and chlorine-rich water in the pools, our hair begins to recover. Autumn hair loss usually lasts between four and six weeks and need to know that it is completely normal process. However, we should take some precautions to make sure that you limit it to normal seasonal hair loss and will…

Dangers of Pertussis


Pertussis (whooping cough or pertussis) is a respiratory tract infection, which is caused by bacteria – Bordetella pertussis. The infection primarily affects children under 6 months of age who, for one reason or another have not been immunized, and children between 11 and 18 years of age, whose acquired immunity after vaccination began to thin….

Blueberries prevent cardiovascular disease

Blueberries heart disease

Blueberries prevent the deposition of fat in the abdomen, lower cholesterol and blood sugar and thus blueberries prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes, say scientists from the University of Michigan. Scientists explain that the beneficial properties of blueberries are due to phytochemicals – natural antioxidants anthocyanins that color fruits and vegetables in red, purple and dark…

How to choose a multivitamins

woman vitamins

Many people, feel inexplicable malaise especially in the second half of winter, weakness and fatigue. Some doctors assure us that the reason for this is the lack of vitamins in food through the winter. Others argue that with the coming of spring changing gas composition of the atmosphere. A third – that we do not…