Advantages of natural cosmetics

natural cosmeticsDemand for natural products is a normal reaction to stress, pollution and technology. Natural cosmetics and any other products incl. foods that can be called natural enjoying increasing attention and demand in the market. And it seems a natural reaction of people against stress, pollution and the infinity of technological innovations that surround us. This psychologists say, adding that natural cosmetics is the modern version of the life-giving water from fairy tales. On the other hand, the tradition of using natural beauty products can be traced from donkey milk baths of Cleopatra in leeches of the Middle Ages to deceive recipes mask with yogurt, honey and cucumber.

How available in stores natural cosmetics is “natural” – hard to say. Not because it might be fake (although here and it can), but because in order to create a lasting substance, it must be stabilized to put its preservative to withstand specified period. And without chemistry can not. Hardly believe cucumber cream that offer contains freshly picked and shredded cucumber. But let’s be serious look at the types of natural cosmetics.

The most common natural cosmetics is phyto-cosmetics

These are all products prepared on the basis of potions, emulsions and extracts from herbs, flowers, bark, fruit and other flora. In phyto-cosmetics can be divided into two areas – a “return to roots” and “exotic.” It should be noted, however, that over time “grass” in the second direction smoothly switch to first. For example, the exotic “jojoba” – it is already done anything, and users familiar buy products with jojoba, seem to have grown up in it. In fact, have you ever seen jojoba? It is clear from what is being done phyto-cosmetics. Many of the plants are used as drugs, so it can be curative.

Aroma cosmetics

It is a form of phyto-cosmetics, but made with aromatic oils and other fragrant substances. Some beauticians believe that flavoring oils act more strongly than regular infusions or extracts of plants, because the molecule oil faster penetration. The main feature of aroma-cosmetics is the smell. For this reason, it is believed that the aroma-therapy is a kind of psychotherapy.

Mineral cosmetics

The main “actor” in it are various stones, minerals, salts containing many useful elements that allow different skin problems. Thereto concern and different products based on water – thermal, mineral, with silver ions, etc. As far as most minerals are solid, they are the ideal base for a variety of scrubs. Moreover, they perfectly absorb sebum. The information contained in the stone powder active acid does act as a mild chemical peel.