Asthma threatens children who do not eat fresh food

asthma kidsFruits and vegetables are a very important part of our diet, especially for children – a factor which is constantly invoked the side of scientists. However, the menu of many children does not include fresh foods. According to a new study that may significantly increase the risk of developing asthma.

Many of the foods sold in stores actually have no nutritional value and place in a balanced diet. Dr. Devon Preston and research team from the University of Virginia in the US analyzed data from health records of a total of 2043 children between 2014 and March 2015 found that about 10% of children live no more than 1.5 kilometers from supermarket and that among them are at increased risk of developing asthma compared to their peers who do not live near such stores. Initially, the difference may not seem very high – 17% of children living near a supermarket, which is no more than 1.5 km, suffer from asthma, compared with 21% of those who are far from it . It becomes brighter when researchers take into account other diseases and conditions related to asthma.

After checking the data for the presence of obesity and hay fever, experts concluded that among children consuming foods with no real nutritional value, the risk of asthma increases by as much as 53%. The findings overlap with data from previous studies that connect these harmful foods at high risk of diabetes, hypertension, depression and other health problems.
Those skilled illustrate that fast food and so-called. “Comfort foods” are highly processed and as a result, are sterile. On the other hand, natural foods like fruits and vegetables contain natural bacteria and other nutrients. This may be evidence that mikrobiomat also influence the development of asthma.