Autumn hair loss heath tips

haircareAfter UV rays, saltwater and chlorine-rich water in the pools, our hair begins to recover. Autumn hair loss usually lasts between four and six weeks and need to know that it is completely normal process. However, we should take some precautions to make sure that you limit it to normal seasonal hair loss and will develop into a more serious problem.
In order to help our hair to cope with the transitional period from hot to relatively low temperatures, it is better to visit your hairdresser and bobbed hair. This will inspire and strength and vitality and reduce hair loss.
We all know that hair needs nourishing and cosmetic products did not suffice. The best we can do in this regard is to provide enough protein, vitamins and minerals your body. Our daily menu should be rich in fish, dairy products and meat. Vitamins A and E, and D3 are particularly useful, especially in combination with selenium, lutein, coenzyme Q10, zinc, copper and iron. Experts recommend reducing consumption of saturated fat. Another very important element is intake of plenty of fluids daily.
Stress leads to constriction of blood vessels, which restricts access of nutrients to the hair. The more stress we experience, the more “hungry” remains our hair. We are aware that there is no way to completely exclude the stress of everyday life, but giving different anti-stress therapies will surely benefit.