Bags under your eyes

Bags under your eyesIf you notice that for some reason you have bags under your eyes, know that they are not swelling or signs of aging. Often called fatty hernia – appears when the circular muscle of the eye loses its tone and ceases to retain adipose tissue that surrounds the eye. The most common reason for their appearance is a disease. Diets will not help – fat is not involved in metabolism and weight loss will not save us from the “bags”. It is necessary to turn for help to a specialist. This harmless aesthetic flaw could signal problems such as kidney or thyroid. In the presence of such a diagnosis must be cured first underlying disease. Home recipes have a right to exist, but they give little effect, so please contact a skilled cosmetology.

The Bags under your eyes are mostly determined by heredity, so their elimination should be implemented more radical methods. One is mesotherapy. In the lower eyelid introduces a special detergent that helps to digest fat. The procedure is performed 5-7 times with an interval of one week. Often this treatment in the eyes may appear bruises that arise from getting the needle into a blood vessel. At this stage you will need intensive home care. It is necessary to use funds (recommended by the treating specialist) who emerged remove swelling. Moreover, every morning around the eyes should be a thin layer of cream that hardens the skin.

Using a special camera made three-dimensional massage. Every movement of his special suffix provides stimulation of tissue in three directions. Improves skin tone, output is excess fluid, and increases microcirculation. As a result, the eyelids become lighter and smoother. The effect is noticeable after the first procedure, but the maximum effect can be obtained after 15-20 procedures are conducted with an interval of 3-5 days.
Sometimes the most effective procedures are not able to help and we have to think about blepharoplasty – surgery eyelid. This intervention is considered to be relatively simple. The surgery is done under anesthesia and leaves no traces. Face is refreshing and looks younger. But most important is that after such an operation “bags” disappear permanently.