Basic skincare tips after chemical peeling

skincare tipsWhether you aim to exfoliate the dark spots, look for instant shine to the skin or a complete makeover complexion, chemical peels can achieve this. This cosmetic procedure stimulates skin regeneration by removing the damaged skin layer and reveals fresh and bright skin.
In its essence, the chemical peeling involves applying a solution on the skin surface, the result of which is controlled its damage. This solution can be acid, fruit, botanical or even milk extract. The choice of solution to be used is determined depending on the skin problem is solved by deramtologa performing the procedure.
It is important to be clear about what we expect and how to care for your skin afterwards. Here are some basic guidelines. Immediately after the procedure, we should put a cold compress on the skin to leave for 10-15 minutes. At least 10 days after the procedure should avoid the use of hot water and scrubs. To clean the skin is recommended to use products that do not contain aggressive and irritating ingredients and which the pH is neutral.

We should not forget the use of sunscreen, if we just undergone chemical peeling because the skin is vulnerable to a greater extent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. It should be applied every two hours. Recommended is the use of hydrating means to begin two days after the procedure. While the skin is still not fully recovered and observed peeling should not use products against acne, as well as hair removal or bleaching hair on the face.