Prevention for a healthy heart tips


The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body and thus cardiovascular health is a major task of contemporary society. Our country is a leader in morbidity and mortality from heart problems, the question of preventing them is particularly relevant. It needs to start at an early age and continue throughout…

Physiotherapy in treatment of bronchial asthma


Recent decades have reported an increase in new cases of asthma. Typical of the disease that manifests in childhood and years may pass into permanent remission. The clinic disease is presented by a sense of strong shortness of breath caused by spasm of the bronchial tubes, which combined with increased discharge, respiratory filling spaces and…

Acupuncture relieves hot flushes

woman Acupuncture

Hot flashes bother many women during menopause, often keep them awake at night. According to researchers acupuncture therapy can help relieve the undesirable side effects of menopause, and thus to improve sleep of women. The therapy consists of placing a thin needles certain acupuncture points on the body. The researchers reported that nearly half of…

Do ovary produces hormones after menopause?


Menopause is a natural and irreversible part of aging in women, particularly affecting its reproductive function. By definition it is the last menstrual cycle confirmed after 12 months of absence of menstruation, in the absence of pathological reason. The period is associated with many symptoms that include, besides the change in the monthly menstrual cycles…

Tampons can lead to vaginal dryness

woman tampons

In the past, women used tampons wave and even curled paper. The first commercial pads appear in 1930, women use up to 12,000 products for intimate hygiene for your entire life. Is there a better choice? While menstruation is completely normal biological process, it is often taboo. The menstrual cycle starts every 28 days and…

Vaccines and side effects

Vaccines side effects

Vaccines, as well as any other medicine may cause adverse reactions. Most existing vaccines with proven safety profile and therefore serious side effects are very rare. It is important to note that, thanks to the widespread use of vaccines mankind is “saved” by a number of fatal diseases that have taken millions of victims each…

Noninvasive Prenatest

noninvasive prenatest

Noninvasive Prenatest available over three years, during which time more than 1000 expectant mothers took the survey. Primary mission team Prenatest is to continue to make research more easily accessible and convenient for families expecting a child, offering complete service and individual approach to each patient – from consultation with a specialist in a blood…

Common teeth problems health tips

teeth problems

Dental health may deteriorate due to different conditions and causes. What are the most common and how to react when confronted with them.   Pain in the tooth When you need to wait until the hour for the dentist, there are several ways to help relieve pain in the tooth. For example may wash your…

Important genetic research in oncology

genetic research oncology

Genetic alterations underlying the malignant transformation of cells. Besides, factors acting on the cells (food, chemicals, radiation, inherited mutations) the end point of all of them is the molecule of DNA that is damaged. For years, scientists are looking for key genes, mutations in which are crucial to the transformation of normal cells into cancer….

Habits damaging eyes

Habits damaging eyes

Care for eye health is particularly important, yet often overlooked. It is important to bear in mind the daily habits that pose risks to the eyes and vision. Smoking. This habit increases the risk of vision loss. Experts say that chemical substances that we inhale while smoke increase the risk of developing cataracts. Consumption of…