Chocolate works like aspirin

chocolate aspirinDaily use of chocolate reduces the likelihood of heart attack, and this effect is almost the same as the intake of aspirin. They studied more than 1,200 people (who were hereditary diseases of the heart) in order to establish the exact impact of aspirin on platelets. Before the start of the study participants follow certain rules: sports, giving up smoking, abstinence from drinks containing caffeine, wine, grapefruit juice and chocolate. Some of the participants have passed and 139 of them were excluded from the project due to violation of the requirements. However, they remained under observation.

The results of blood tests show that chocolate, like aspirin act equally platelets that cause blood clotting, Reuters reported.

“Thanks to those who have not abstained from chocolate, we learned that the chemical contained in cocoa act like aspirin at the biochemical level – ie reduces the accumulation of platelets that form blood clots that can lead to fatal due to the occurrence of a heart attack, “said the new discovery Diana Becker, Associate University. (a)