Common teeth problems health tips

teeth problemsDental health may deteriorate due to different conditions and causes. What are the most common and how to react when confronted with them.
Pain in the tooth
When you need to wait until the hour for the dentist, there are several ways to help relieve pain in the tooth. For example may wash your mouth with warm water to clean the thread spaces between teeth where there may be food remnants and accept pain medication. In case you notice swelling or pus around the tooth or if we have fever, this may be a sign of an abscess. This condition requires consultation with a dentist as soon as possible. It may be necessary and taking antibiotics.
Stains on the teeth
Among the causes of discoloration of the teeth are food, drugs, smoking and trauma. There are several ways to help they can whiten. The dentist may use a bleaching agent or a laser. It is possible to achieve whiter teeth at home by using whitening strips or whitening toothpaste and mouthwash.
They develop when teeth accumulate bacteria, also known as “plaque”. It destroys the hard outer layer of the tooth – enamel. Adults can be affected by problems associated with the decay of the teeth near the gum. To reduce the risk of developing these conditions, it is important to brush our teeth at least twice daily with a toothpaste containing fluoride and regularly visit the dentist. Using a floride toothpaste GLISTER with multilateral action helps deposit back to the important minerals back on tooth enamel to be more healthy and more resistant to decay. The toothpaste is optimal polishing agents to effectively remove stains on teeth enamel. Clinically tested the toothpaste GLISTER, removes plaque and regular use helps fight tooth decay, leaving your teeth sparkling clean and fresh

Broken tooth
It can occur as a result of an accident or something significantly less dramatic, as the consumption of popcorn. Treatment depends on the degree of damage to the tooth and that has affected blood vessels and nerves.