Diabetes during pregnancy

pregnancyIn recent years, statistics on births to women with diabetes suggests that increasing cases where diabetics born perfectly healthy children. It is important, however, before deciding he wanted to become a parent, the woman who suffers from diabetes, be aware of the risks for her and the fetus during pregnancy. The biggest risk that can cause damage to the fetus during wear, is to increase the blood sugar levels of the mother. Therefore, regular blood glucose testing is a must!

On the other hand, during the first few months of pregnancy, when it is accompanied by diabetes, it is absolutely contra-indicated the use of alcohol and tobacco, as this can lead to disturbances in the normal development of the fetus. During the pregnancy itself women who suffer from diabetes have to make the same care for themselves and their unborn child as any other pregnant. Most often after six months some changes occurred as the baby begins to grow much faster. If blood sugar levels in pregnant women maintain high all the time until birth, the baby likely to be born larger. These enlarged sizes to the greatest extent are due to the accumulation of fat, and not the weight of the healthy tissue of the fetus.

When the mother is diabetic, it is important for the health of her child are the first few hours after birth. The main risk lies in the occurrence of sudden shortness of breath. At the same time every fifth baby born from a diabetic, it is possible to develop momentary hypoglycemia immediately after birth, as his body begins to independently regulate insulin production, but a few hours this condition passes.