DNA testing

dna testingDNA testing plays an extremely important part in solving issues of biological relationships between people. These tests are performed for two different reasons – first, to solve the issues of dispute without any legal interference (DNA testing for peace of mind) and second, to solve the issues of dispute legally (DNA testing approved by court). However, no matter which option you choose, both DNA testing options can now be done conveniently and discreetly in the comfort of your own home, ensuring that potentially distressing situations remain personal.

Thanks to the scientific advancement, the DNA testing kits can be purchased online from the registered clinics in the UK. They are available in two types – DNA test to provide peace of mind and DNA test to resolve legal dispute. The two popular test kits available in the UK are paternity DNA testing kit and maternity DNA testing kit. These are used for clarifying doubts surrounding the biological relationship between father or mother and children and can be performed at home or with the help of a physician.

Each of these processes is quite simple and it is completely possible for a person to receive highly accurate results, provided the test instructions are followed properly. In case of paternity DNA testing and maternity DNA testing, the person performing the test is required to collect swab samples from the inner cheeks of the alleged father or mother and child; afterwards, he/she is required to send the sample to the concerned laboratory by enclosing it in the prepaid envelop that the kit encloses. These test samples are compared for creating DNA sequences. The biological relationship in question is affirmed if 50% similarity in DNA sequences is found.