Easy way to relieve neck pain

neck painHow often happens to wake with a stiff neck? Rotation of the head causes burning pain. This discomfort is most often caused by sleeping in the wrong position or on not so comfortable pillow. The condition can be quite painful and even prevent some of the daily activities. When massaging the painful area for about a minute, did not bring relief benefit can be advice of physiotherapists, directed to stiffness in the neck.

Step 1: we need to find the painful area of ​​the neck and put his hand on it. If the pain is on the right side of the neck or back, should put his right hand. If it is on the left side should be used left hand. If we can not reach his neck, should use a tennis ball or anything else to be able to touch the painful area. We can also lean on the wall.

Step 2: Apply gentle pressure to the site of fingers. He should feel slight pain. The pressure should not be too strong to avoid reinforcing the sensation.

Step 3: The head slowly rotates in the opposite direction of the country from which the pain. Then she leans diagonally, as if trying to touch the chin to his armpit. The pressure helps relaxation of painful muscle and relieve tension.

Step 4: The above steps are repeated for about 20 minutes, after which the neck is stretched just as when we become morning of bed. The implementation of this series of moves keeps the muscles relaxed and helps prevent pain and stiffness.