Eat apples during pregnancy

apples during pregnancyThe pregnant women who eat apples regularly, thus reducing risk in the future child to experience various allergies and asthma, the results of a study. The American immunologists from the hospital, “Saint John” in the Detroit Medical Center and the hospital “Beaumont” analyzed data on more than a thousand children aged 5 and nutrition of their mothers during pregnancy. The children of mothers who every day during their pregnancy ate at least one apple, 37% suffer less from allergies and 46% less frequently develop asthma, according to experts quoted by Reuters.

The positive effect of apples they explain the properties of flavonoids and other antioxidants contained in these fruits. An apple a day is sufficient to achieve a strong protective effect. The doctors have also found that use during pregnancy of fish (at least once a week) did decrease by at least 43% risk of eczema and dermatitis – the most common allergic skin reactions in infants.

The experts advise pregnant women must adhere to a balanced diet consisting of large amounts of fruits and vegetables and avoid overeating with nuts (especially peanuts), which are able to provoke allergic symptoms in children