Foods for the Autumn

woman foodsWith the gradual onset of autumn logical human body begins to strive for the stockpiling of fat. How to eat properly at this season not to get fat but at the same time not harm your health?

1. In what sense is related to increased appetite in the fall?
As a rule, in cold weather person eats more calories and nutritious food. Thus, the body prepares for winter. Climate and weather all influence our energy needs. If we are cold and are in a slightly heated room, the body needs more calorie foods at the expense of energy that we do not reach.

2. Can you prevent weight gain with a strict diet?
The energy exchange is different for everyone. Some people eat a lot and it burned, while others must be limited in the amount of calories used to maintain your weight. Usually people repeatedly following a strict diet to lose weight, feel and most difficult – their metabolic processes are set up to store energy, not its consumption.

3. Can you lose weight in the fall?
Yes, but this must be done with caution. In general, each organism strives for a certain constant weight, which may vary during different periods of life. Should not be weakened too quickly to be able to maintain the reduced weight for a long time. For example, if 3 months are weakened by 6 pounds, this weight must hold for 1 year, ie time loss is multiplied by two. This is the period for which the body gets used to his new weight.

4. How to reduce appetite and restrict eating?
If we are cold and hungry, it is worth to put more heat or take a warm bath. Greater activity produces more food, but can select a low-calorie food. Glass of warm skim milk for example, will allow us to keep us warm and satisfy hunger.

5. And if it leaves us wanting to eat greasy food?
So it is necessary for the body. In this case it is better to focus on oily fish dishes with vegetable oil. For metabolic processes such fats is more useful than animal.

6. And if we feel that our low calorie foods are not “warm”?
Every overweight person must somehow be satisfied feeling sometimes feeling cold. This is proof that it consumes calories and draws its power from its own resources. But if hunger does not leave us must remember the soups. Not true opinion, that they are getting fat – they are also useful for those who lose weight, but you should have no liaison or cream and a limited amount of salt.

7. What are ’safe’ products this season?
Potatoes are very useful. Weight is increased not by them but by various additives such as fatty sauces, butter, fried meatballs. Potatoes contain lots of potassium, vitamin C with skin cooked potatoes are delicious, nutritious and low calorie meal. We must not forget the sauerkraut, containing vitamin C and fewer calories. If we wanted to eat between meals, can boldly take to raw carrot, apple or other fruit. In the fall must be trying to take warm food, including all securities and products available in the required quantity.