Healing after surgery

woman surgerySurgery of any kind carries risks and multiple traumas. The body is traumatized by the procedure and most patients undergo severe stress as a result of their surgery – even if they are not conscious of it. Being in an unfamiliar clinic, giving up control to a surgeon, and anticipating or fearing pain and complications place enormous stress on anyone. It’s no wonder that even simple surgeries can take weeks of recovery time. Guided imagery can be a very useful way to reduce recovery time and to give a patient the best chance of healing quickly and fully. In fact, studies have suggested that guided imagery audio products can be helpful in reducing blood loss, stress, pain, and healing time in patients who have surgery. Studies by Henry Bennett and Blue Shield have shown that guided imagery does in fact have a significant impact on patient experience and recovery.

One of the big challenges of surgery is the stress that accompanies it. Many patients spend weeks or even months leading up to the surgeon worrying about the surgery, surgeon, complications, and possible pain. Unfortunately, stress can make it harder for the body to heal. Stress can raise blood pressure and can actually increase the risk of complications from surgery. Patients often want to know how to relieve stress, and one effective technique is to use a stress relief CD of guided imagery every day before and after the surgery, to relax the mind and to prepare the body for optimal healing.

Another of the significant challenges of any kind o surgery is the limited resources of our medical system. Most patients are bundled off home more quickly than they were 20 years ago, partly due to cost considerations. Staff at most hospitals and clinics are often overworked, so there is less time and attention for every individual patient. Many advanced clinics and hospitals now recognize that guided meditation downloads CDs help patients recover sooner and helped limit the stress of surgery. Patients, too, are taking recovery into their own hands with guided meditation products that help them relax and help them heal more fully. With fewer resources available to each patient, it is important for patients to take care of both body and mind to encourage the best possible healing experience.

The ptsd help can not only help patients, but can also help the health care system overall by improving patient visits and by reducing costs. Since studies have shown that guided imagery can reduce patient hospital stays, blood loss, pain, and the other surgery outcomes, it is obvious that guided imagery can also help hospitals and clinics control costs. With affordable guided imagery products, clinics can ensure better patient experience and can also allow patients to heal more fully and more quickly, freeing up more resources for all patients.