How to choose a multivitamins

woman vitaminsMany people, feel inexplicable malaise especially in the second half of winter, weakness and fatigue. Some doctors assure us that the reason for this is the lack of vitamins in food through the winter. Others argue that with the coming of spring changing gas composition of the atmosphere. A third – that we do not reach sunlight. It was during this part of the year most people reach for an additional source of vitamins – different types of tablets and syrups.

Call the alphabet of vitamins healthy life because:
A – Increases resistance to respiratory diseases, shortening the duration of illness, keeps the skin, bones, hair, teeth and gums healthy, cures pimples, abscesses, ulcers.
B1 – vitamin for “fresh spirit” normal nerves, muscles, heart, reduces toothache, helps with nausea.
B2 – helps the ability to have children, maintains healthy skin, hair and nails, improves eyesight and helps growth.
B6 – prevents nerve and skin diseases, slows down aging, acts as a natural diuretic.
B12 – participates in blood circulation, increase energy, supports the nervous system, increases appetite in children, encourages growth.
B15 – reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, recovering from fatigue, protects from dirt, neutralizing the desire for alcohol consumption and prevents hangovers.
C – heals wounds and burns, lowers cholesterol, protects against many viruses and bacteria, reduces blood clots, increased life expectancy, reduces the impact of allergens.
D – helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, operates reinforcing in strengthening bones and teeth, protects against colds, cure conjunctivitis, facilitates the absorption of vitamin A.
E – slows cell aging, increases endurance, prevents the lungs, dissolves clots, reduces fatigue, heals burns, lowers blood “protect” the pregnancy.
F – adjusted increase in cholesterol level, provides healthy skin and hair, improves overall health, protects the heart, helps reduce weight.
K – helps in proper blood clotting, prevents internal bleeding.
P – strengthens capillary walls, prevents infections, cure bleeding gums.
PP – vital for the synthesis of sexual and other hormones, insulin function of the nervous system and brain.

Vitamins are a variety of substances contained in the food in small doses, but which our body can not exist normally. In older times people’s lives has been associated with more manual labor and they ate up to 5 kg of different food day. Therefore, it contains vitamins they were enough. Today our exercise less, eat significantly less, improper or unbalanced vitamins we lack. And without them, food is digested worse, we have less energy, often ill and live shorter.

Many of the diseases and all smaller health problems caused by a shortage of one or more vitamins:
• dryness of the skin – lack of vitamin C, B6, H, A,
• skin eruptions – lack of B6, PP, A,
• damaged hair – B6, P, A,
• nausea – B1, B6,
• lack of appetite – A, B1, B2, B6, B12, H,
• insomnia – B6, PP,
• susceptibility to infections – C, A,
• irritability and anxiety – C, B1, B6, B12, PP, H,
• vision problems – A, B2, B6,
• frequent stomach upsets – B12, PP, A,
• frequent bruising – P
• bleeding gums – C, B6, PP.