How to treat colds?

treat coldsDo not underestimate rhinitis and do not delay treatment. It is important from the outset immune system support with the right care, in order to deal with the cause. Acute rhinitis is commonly associated with viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, which may be accompanied by fever, general weakness, otitis media and others. In the fall of immunity and improper treatment rhinitis may develop into chronic or lead to secondary bacterial infection. So consider the following signs of complication: secretions become thick, pus, change color to yellow or yellow-green, the patient maintains a high fever and complained of heaviness and pain in the sinuses.
To alleviate symptoms
What are the acute symptoms of respiratory infections? In fact, they are defensive reaction of the body that includes action in protective forces. Although unpleasant for the patient, fever, runny nose, cough is a sign that the body fights entering pests. So these symptoms are useful and inevitable. The high temperature for example is not a disease in itself. It shows that the body responds to the attack of pests and disease mobilizing security forces. It is important to know that fever (especially in children) may not necessarily be indicative of serious illness. It is a sign that the immune system of the child reacts fast and strong. On the other hand younger children (mostly in the first year of life) and older people react particularly sensitively to this process and longer course of illness and poor general condition, regular checkups at the doctor. In the treatment of acute infections of the upper respiratory tract have a number of symptomatic drugs (lowering the temperature, stopping the inflammation, pain, etc.). They facilitate the complaints of the patient, but do not affect the course of disease. Widely used nasal drops as they can to fight the cause of colds, and if used incorrectly or long lead to addictive and have unwanted side effects. Instead, you can trust the homeopathic treatment.
Homeopathic medicines with fever
Their action stimulates the self-healing powers of the body. The immune system is optimized and pathogenic agents can efficiently be removed. Important in homeopathy is selected remedy as well to match the individual complaints of the patient. In a watery, runny nose running – Alium tsepa D6 appropriate homeopathic medicine for runny nose where the skin of the nose and upper lip quickly get sore. Typically there are also frequent attacks of sneezing early in the disease. In the event that, besides abundant fever has severely impaired general condition (eg, weakness, chills, need heat), then the right choice of medicine is Arsenicum album D12. In watery, running fever that occurs rather lightly, but in contrast, the eyes are very irritated and red, the patient needs Eufraziya D6. In mucous secretions yellow fever with – one of the appropriate medication in this case is Pulsatila D6. Recommended when the heat provoke deterioration of complaints and the general condition of the patient. In such situations, the nose can also be unpleasantly stuffy. And vice versa – when cool, outdoor or open window, the patient feels improvement. Another means of treatment is heparan sulfuris D10 – appropriate medicine for fever accompanied by chills and sensitivity when exposed to current. Heparan is also recommended in cases where the leads to complications such as inflammation of the sinus. In rhinitis with crusting and scabbing – if runny nose are formed many scabs and crusts on nasal wall, and when you try to remove leads to pain and even razkarvavyavane, it is recommended that treatment with Kalium bihromikum D12. Fever is usually thick, sticky mucus to string long “thread”. When dry cold with a stuffy nose – if the nose is dry and the patient has a strong desire often to blow your nose, even for dryness almost no discharge, appropriate medication is stick D6. For small children and infants is highly difficult to eat or drink because of blocked nose, appropriate treatment with Sambukus nigra D6.
And more health tips for faster healing
In cold and stuffy nose it is very important to keep the body warm. The more warm and well vascularized mucosa is, the more secure is it against attack by viruses.
Even when the first symptoms you can make a hot bath of feet in a basin of water, which was dissolved sea salt. Improved blood circulation helps immune cells contained in the blood to resist infection.
Drink plenty of water, which facilitates clearing toxins from the body. If you usually need about 2 liters of water daily in infection should take at least 3 liters. If possible, stay home to rest. Wash the nose with a saline gargle with hot water and salt. So wash away disease-causing viruses and microorganisms.