Laughter can balance blood pressure

woman laughingLaughter really is the best medicine – it has the power to enhance the mood. It turns out that laughter can improve not only our emotional state, but also mental and physical. Every time we laugh, we physically change. The facial muscles stretch, along with the rest of the body, giving way to genuine laughter and experience for the whole organism. In addition to burn extra calories and laughter brings a wealth of health benefits. Over the years, experts explore the natural process of laughter, along with its potential therapeutic effect.

Researchers say that when you smile, the brain release the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is associated with feelings of happiness. Synthesize and endorphins – natural painkillers in the body. When the laughter happens in the brain releases nitric oxide, which triggers inflammatory response, stimulating the immune system. This combination is common in combating the growth of cancerous tumors. Of centers for the treatment of cancer in the United States reported similar findings that support the idea for a therapeutic effect of laughter on the body. Also included and relieve physical pain and emotional stress.

From the data of various studies, it is clear that increasing the intake of oxygen has a favorable effect on the circulatory system, stimulates the lungs and heart. Among other benefits of laughter are balancing blood pressure levels, facilitating digestion, improve memory and attention. When we laugh, we support more sleep, reduce anxiety and strength social connections.