Noninvasive Prenatest

noninvasive prenatestNoninvasive Prenatest available over three years, during which time more than 1000 expectant mothers took the survey. Primary mission team Prenatest is to continue to make research more easily accessible and convenient for families expecting a child, offering complete service and individual approach to each patient – from consultation with a specialist in a blood sample to obtain results and accompanying genetic counseling. In early October, our team will take another decisive step in this direction. We are pleased to announce that Prenatest will be available only in option for both singleton and multiple pregnancies for. This means that the results will be obtained within 5 to 7 days, rather than 10, as has been standard service so far. The stages in the processing of samples and laboratory analysis will not be changed, and components of the cost of the study. Our goal is to save the utmost period of anxiety and concern for the family, in anticipation of the important results, because we know that each day contributes to the peaceful conduct of smooth and healthy pregnancy.

To make Noninvasive Prenatest more convenient and affordable, we have integrated the service Prenatest online. Through it you can request your chosen package of research using our internet platform. In this way you can organize blood test at your convenience time and place again throughout the country. Components of the service include: organization of procedure of blood donation, transport sample from your village near the lab Layfkodeks in Konstanz, Germany, making the study a hit and an accompanying opinion from the specialist in medical genetics, and in the process count assistance and coordination of your Prenatest consultant.
Prenatest first prenatal DNA test in Bulgaria applicable from the first trimester of pregnancy for Down syndrome, Syndrome Edwards, Patau Syndrome (trisomy 21, 18 and 13) and the most common defects associated with sex chromosomes (Turner syndrome , Klinefelter, trisomy X and trisomy XYY). To learn more or to order Prenatest contact our consultants.