Nutrition during pregnancy

nutrition pregnancyNot all obstetricians are well informed on issues related to nutrition. Unfortunately, they often advise mothers to eat more, appointed unloading days. As a result, pregnant women often not only unnecessarily increase its weight, but also make mistakes that affect the normal course of pregnancy, or the growth and development of the child. Our ancestors ate much more sparse and uniform, and still bore healthy children. Of course, they enjoyed the clean and natural as nutrients products. And according to the laws of nature child takes all necessary for its development from the mother. And if she does not eat fully, will suffer from increased fatigue, shortness of breath, appetite disorders, toxemia and other unpleasant events that undoubtedly violate the course of pregnancy.

So if you want to keep your health and the health of their child:
• Do not eat “for two”. In your main menu is quality, not quantity. Diverse and well-absorbable products provide normal supply and the developing fetus with the necessary nutrients.
• Do not listen to the advice of non-professionals who offer any radical prescriptions as to eat meat and fruit in unlimited quantity or eat a salad nettle. Each organism has its own individual characteristics and what has helped your friend can harm you.
• Do not change with the onset of pregnancy their food preferences. This of course is not concerned about alcohol, vegetarianism and all violations of healthy eating. If you eat properly before, you should not change anything for at least the first half of pregnancy.
• The menu of the mother should include all major types of products: dairy and meat, fish, poultry, eggs, bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables, juices, even pastries. It is important to clarify that there is absolutely good or absolutely bad products. You just have to have the measure and combine them wisely!
• The body signals the lack of substance if the future mother suddenly her feel like eating lemon pickles or fish, it is best to do it. This rule applies to the body of any person, let alone that of the mother.
• In the second half of pregnancy it is appropriate to limit fluid intake to 4-5 cups a day, but in recent months the mother must give up salt as it provoke swelling and increase blood pressure. Avoid fried products and render their preferences boiled and stewed.
• The body of the mother should be regularly cleaned of accumulated slag. For this help mostly products rich in fiber (whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables).

If you expect a child, best forget (at least temporarily) the following products:
– Meat and canned fish;
– Smoked and salted products;
– Products vacuum packed;
– All kinds of sausages;
– Mustard and other strong spices, worsening kidney function;
– Any kind of alcohol and coffee.

Use a decoction of rosehip tea with mint.
Throughout the pregnancy limit (but do not stop!) The use of carbohydrates (sugar, flour, candy and other confectionery), which can cause allergies in the mother and fetus, disrupt metabolic processes and lead to obesity pregnant woman excessive weight of the newborn.