Physiotherapy in gouty arthritis

gouty arthritisGout is a metabolic disease that has an increased incidence in developed countries, unlike the rabbis CE. Called the “disease of kings,” gout is associated with an increased amount of uric acid in the blood. This may be due both to the disturbed its separation from the body, and the increased food intake, which increases the levels into the blood. Joint involvement is due to deposition of urate crystals that irritate the joint capsule and cause an inflammatory reaction. Besides joints, potentially affecting there and kidneys. It takes the form of urate concrements (stones) which may be of different amounts and sizes. If concrements passes from the kidneys to the below-lying urinary tract symptoms are observed renal crisis.

In terms of susceptibility to the disease is observed known family history (in some families into account a larger number of affected gout). Important for the manifestation of the disease is and the type of food consumed. Foods rich in purines, it’s good to be excluded or at least greatly reduced menu – animal entrails, coffee, chocolate, strong tea and others. It is important and reduce stress, which is directly related to the incidence of gout flares.

They distinguish four basic stages of the disease, depending on who administers treatment is different. This asymptomatic phase in which there is an increase of uric acid in the blood, but there is no manifestation of symptoms. Acute attacks are characterized by affecting most of the big toe, and in some cases and knees. These seizures are alternated with periods and in chronic process is observed the fourth stage of the disease with the formation of toffee.

What is the treatment of the disease?
It is complex and includes both medication and physical therapy diet. In acute gouty attack requires resting the joint, with the inclusion of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs (for pain). Apply cryotherapy, which represents treatment with cooling. It aims to reduce inflammation and swelling by constricting blood vessels. It is further suppressed and the subjective sensation of pain. The procedure is performed 2-3 times daily, each for 15-20 min. In addition, there is a role and iontophoresis to facilitate penetration of drugs through the skin to the structure of the affected joint.

In mezhdupristapnite periods apply methodologies relating to facilitating the release of excess uric acid from the body to prevent the deposition j in the form of crystals in joints and renal parenchyma. It is necessary to increase diuresis (urine output) and basification of the organism to dissolve the urate crystals.

Emphasis is placed on spa treatment with alkaline slightly mineralized water quantity 1500-2500 ml per day. To prevent exacerbation of the process, it is recommended that 10-day therapy with NSAIDs. In chronic zabolyavnaeto and development of chronic osteoarthritis recommended medical treatment with radon and sulphide waters. Furthermore mud also enter into the scheme of therapy. Come to relax muscles and ease of movement, which is related to pain relief. Water-curative gymnastics allows elimination of gravity and thus increase range of movement.

Meaning there early treatment and a change in eating habits. By thus providing a longer mezhdupristapen period and a slight flow of themselves seizures.