Physiotherapy in treatment of bronchial asthma

astmaRecent decades have reported an increase in new cases of asthma. Typical of the disease that manifests in childhood and years may pass into permanent remission. The clinic disease is presented by a sense of strong shortness of breath caused by spasm of the bronchial tubes, which combined with increased discharge, respiratory filling spaces and limiting extra breathing. The disease has a multifactorial etiology, but the greatest emphasis on the allergic component. Allergens can be the professional environment of environmentally – pollen, as well as at home – the presence of mold. Do not underestimate the role of certain drugs (vaccines, antibiotics, painkillers) and ingredients of food – fish, dairy products, some fruits, soy and others.

In terms of treatment, there are certain steps for the appointment of certain medications and determining their doses, but it is in direct proportion to the severity of the disease. Along with drug therapy recommended the inclusion of some methods of physiotherapy, which aim to reduce the spasm of respirator tract mastering the inflammatory response, as in the bronchi and in neighboring outbreaks where she may have been transferred. Physiotherapy plays a role in the gradual reduction of sensitivity to certain allergens while improving respiratory function. Her methods apply both during the attack and in between periods. During the attack applied or inhaled solutions electroaerosol therapy, which is the most rapid and effective action, as electroaerosols have strong anti-inflammatory effect. Used as stationary devices, and portable ones with additional relevant bronchodilators (drugs that cause expansion of the disease process narrowed bronchi).
Hoffmann troughs are other methods, whose purpose is to increase blood flow to the extremities and thus to relieve the stagnation of blood that is obtained as a result of swelling induced by inflammation. The convenience of this type tubs that can be applied at home. Fill deeper containers with hot water, in which the arms and legs put without immersing the body. Most preferably, the application of this method can be combined with a fast-acting drug, especially in severe attacks.

In periods recommended prophylactic electroaerosol therapy, which includes antisense agents, whose purpose is the gradual dilution of the attacks and to increase the time between them. Use antihistamines, bronchodilators, mucolytics (drugs that break down phlegm and facilitate his coughing). Efficient is inhaled therapy with radon mineral waters. In local inflammatory foci (nasal or sinus) was administered intranasally electrophoresis otbabvashti medicines – adrenaline, and added calcium, vitamin C and others. Last but not least it is and climatic aimed nonspecific desensitization. Recommended medium high mountain resorts, as well as a visit to the Black Sea during the warmer months of the year. The humid climate and dust environment have a negative impact on asthma. It is important that breathing exercises, which may include doing exercises in water, bathing and the like. Gymnastics is to improve the regulation of respiration, and to induce local relaxation of the respiratory muscles in order to facilitate the flow of the entering stream of the lungs, as well as easier sputum collected secretions. Such is the purpose and the massages of the chest, which are implemented by percussion and vibration techniques.