Plexopathy symptoms

Plexopathy symptomsThe shoulder plexopathy is a collection of nerves that send signals from the brain to the shoulders and arms. Inflammation of the shoulder is called split plexopathy. The plexin causes pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder and arm on one side of the body or possibly both sides. What makes it difficult to diagnose plexin is that it mimics a condition known as cervical radiculitis (disease caused by inflammation of the cervical root).

The main difference between the two conditions is that the possibility for the treatment of cervical radiculitis is surgery while plexin over time recovering himself, and cervical radiculitis can lead to permanent damage. The close proximity of the shoulder split to major arteries in the neck also increases the risk of complications associated with infections in which it is possible to have surgical treatment of plexopathy.

The usual symptoms of plexopathy is pain or discomfort. Burning pain that starts in the upper shoulder and descends down the arm, the pain will not originating. With the progression of pain may occur numbness in the hand, the fingers reaching down to as acute pain continues to move between the shoulder and arm. In some cases it may appear stiffness and numbness in the affected hand.