Prevention for a healthy heart tips

heart preventionThe heart is one of the most important organs in the human body and thus cardiovascular health is a major task of contemporary society. Our country is a leader in morbidity and mortality from heart problems, the question of preventing them is particularly relevant. It needs to start at an early age and continue throughout life. Methods vary according to age, family history, presence or absence of previous heart problems, gender, etc. According to the AHA (American Heart Association – American Heart Association) division of prevention of age was the most recent method that makes a person trained, and adequately engaged with right steps towards their health.
Between 20 and 30 years old man is needed, along with awareness of their maturity and independence, and to realize their commitment to their own health and to design a healthy life. This includes:
Regularly visit the family doctor and implementing the new laboratory and physical examinations. Important are the values ​​of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, body-mass index (BMI), renal function. With the doctor need to discuss lifestyle and nutrition.
Acquaintance with his family history – relatives with cardiovascular diseases such deaths from vascular inidenti, their age, and loved ones who have diseases associated with heart – kidney, lung, diabetes and other endocrine problems, obesity, etc.
Between 30 and 40 years than the previous rules already on the agenda comes and behavior of man himself towards the preservation of health.
Avoiding active but also passive smoking. Tyutyunopusheneto increases the risk of atherosclerosis, affecting as cardiac arteries leading to coronary heart disease and peripheral vascular limb in an identical mechanism. Also, several studies have shown how strong is increased risk of cardiovascular disease in passive smokers, the value is about 30%.
Maintaining good physical activity, leading to a satisfactory physical health. The earlier you start with a good and regular sports activities, the more natural they are published in the daily lives of people. We need alternately active with passive load of muscles and alternation of mental with physical activity. At least twice a week should be sports with loads of all muscle groups. Recommended especially walking at least 2-3 km a day.
Creating the right habits at home – both individual and for your children and relatives. Fewer hours watching TV, more walking, biking, games, gymnastics, walking down the stairs, avoid riding in a car and others. A good example provides planting and growing their own vegetables and plodve, even if it is just for pleasure. Preparing homemade, healthy food, avoid packaged, sugary foods, sodas, etc.
After 30 years gradually slows the metabolism of the body. For this it is necessary to control body weight. It is recommended that this be done through a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise according to the interests of man.
Between 40 and 50 years, together with entering into adulthood, increasing the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Besides prevention methods of the previous age group are out of date, it is necessary to add a few more age-specific:
Avoidance of excessive stress. Young people tend to commit too stressful occupations without being given adequate rest and sleep time. Especially valuable is the alternation of professional duties with good rest according to the interests and where possible engaging in mental relaxation.
Healthy meal. Now more than anything is important observance of good diet – plenty of fruits and zlenchutsi, whole grains, fish, nuts and more. small portions and regular time intervals. More attention should be paid to intake of meat – is not every day, and avoid greasy, salted, smoked foods and excessive alcohol intake.