Skin elasticity with natural resources

skin elasticityEach woman can get the impression of almost miraculous properties of cosmetics containing collagen, coenzyme Q10, elastin and etc, that all of them are synthetic components for skin rejuvenation, lifting or have a slimming effect. As a rule, these components are chemical analogue of substances that produces human organism alone. With age, the influence of the negative impact on the ecology or the result of an unbalanced diet and bad habits, natural processes slow down. They form fewer substances necessary for maintaining elasticity and firmness. This shortage is immediately manifested in the form of creases, wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity. Certainly in such cases, the skin needs help, but in more severe conditions should also be considered to stimulate the internal organs.

Besides the synthetic cosmetic ingredients sometimes contain natural ingredients. For example, often in some of them attend menthol. If it is a component of the cream or lotion, then immediately after application of the device on the skin feel slightly cool – menthol causes a sharp contraction of the vessels of the skin and this explains its cooling effect. When coating the skin with cream containers began to expand. This effect is useful for skin – it helps eliminating toxins and excess fluid, improves circulation of blood and lymph, strengthen skin. Menthol has the greatest influence, when combined with.