Stress causes heart attack and other diseases

stressThe stressful situations increase the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases, a study by scientists from University College London. Their calculations show that people often experience mental stress, there is a 50% increase in the risk of heart problems. The survey involved over 6,000 people, 15% of them were in the category of those who are often subjected to psychosocial stress. For 7 years, scientists have analyzed the symptoms of depression or anxiety and so. indicator of general happiness and gather data on physical health of participants, including weight, height, frequency of physical activity and alcohol consumption, smoking, cholesterol level and C-reactive protein (CRP – a marker of arterial inflammation).

Infarction, stroke and other heart diseases are met by 50% more common in people with high levels of anxiety and stress compared with calm and consider themselves happy people. As specified British experts quoted by the BBC, smoking and inactivity account for about 63% of high risk and only cigarettes are responsible for 41%. Below are classified high blood pressure by 13% and alcohol abuse – by 2%. The scientists advising the treatment of neuro-psychiatric disorders to attention as to prevent the signs of stress and behavioral factors that increase risk.