Stress increases permanently cholesterol levels

Stress levelsThere is direct link between stress levels and cholesterol. According to the results from scientists investigation in some people stress causes rapid increase in cholesterol and it remained so for years to come. Lasted 3 years research has shown a clear trend that as a result of daily or frequent stress adults can maintain a consistently high level of cholesterol. Even after taking into account other factors such as smoking, age and weight of the group tested resulting in life, accompanied by stress, it showed 13 times more likely to increase the overall and 4 times more often – the bad (LDL) cholesterol. The study failed to find any reason why only some people undergoing frequent stress leads to these results, but considers that one possible explanation is the ability of cholesterol to not cleared enough of the blood as a result of constant tension.

According to British researchers situation can greatly improve dramatically if patients change their lifestyle or learn to manage stress, which could lead to a drop in levels of so-called. stress hormones – cortisol and epinephrine.