What causes tinnitus?

tinnitusThere are different causes that can lead to tinnitus or called in medical circles – tinnitus. It represents a subjective sensation and perception of sound without actually existing stimulation of hearing (sound). The most often heard when a person stay in a quiet environment while in a noisy room, can disappear completely. Divided up according to the time which started on acute (lasting less than three months), subacute (lasting 6-12 months) and chronic (over 12 months). Another division is subjective and objective. Subjective are those that can be heard only by the patient, without there. Objective are those that can be perceived by the patient and investigator – in breathing, muscle movement and pulse hearing.
What might be the reasons that cause tinnitus?

As regards external auditory canal that may be foreign bodies or insects. Wax can also be a reason for such a feeling. Some middle ear infections can also lead to tinnitus. Such are the perforation of the tympanic membrane inflammation, otitis media, sclerosis of the tympanic membrane, and some post-surgery. Disease of the body with a causal relationship appears anemia, alcoholism, and some drugs, especially when misuse. Such drugs are antimalarials, loop diuretics, and other aminoglycosides. With regard to diseases of the brain structures with relevance are meningitis, encephalitis, vascular abnormalities, multiple sclerosis, hypertensive crises, nevrolues, and some psychiatric disorders – schizophrenia in which hallucinations are observed sound (hearing voices). Changes in jaw joint system, as well as abnormalities in the cervical spine can also lead to the onset of tinnitus. This is largely due to compression of blood vessels that have direct relevance to the circulation of the structures of the ear.

When changing body position noise may disappear or decrease in intensity. This speaks of compression structures and thus their decompression when changing posture. To direct the doctor to more accurately diagnosis is needed to clarify past cases of neurosurgical operations, professional loads of noise, and perforation of the tympanic membrane.

What is the treatment for tinnitus?
This is directly related to the type of noise and the length of time duration. In dating back less than 3 months will corticosteroids. If the cause lies in the anomaly in the structures of the spine recommended physical therapy. In chronic noise, which can not establish cause and at the same time prevents and disrupts sleep can be displayed sedatives. If demonstrate structural changes that can be removed resorting to surgery. This is done at established a pinched artery or its branch which are directly related to blood supply to the structures of the ear. After decompression noise disappears. When the cause is a spasm of blood vessels appointed vasodilatory agents, then use the noise decreases and disappears. Overall how would affect tinnitus therapy is largely unpredictable. But chronic noise sew prognosis is poor, and the removal uncertain.